My muse shows herself to me in many guises and I translate that into poetry or essays or in other creative measures.  The more I adventure and step out of my comfort zones with my muse the better I am able to figure out who I am and figure out what moves me the most.  My life was in a state of transition for so long that now that I have arrived at a point of stability in my life I am able to more fully explore with my muse and I’m immensely excited.  It helps that I am in the most alive city that have ever experienced, New York City.  I hope  you can enjoy my journey and maybe find some things that speak to you as well.





About Bree M.

Single mom of 5 beautiful children, librarian and voracious reader, christian, city-girl-wanna-be, movie lover, people watcher & graduate student! If you are on my family blog and want to learn more about me please go to View all posts by Bree M.

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