Knives Alone

When you see love

What will you think?

Will you wonder

Why or…

Will you stumble

at the sight

Your heart drumming

an unsteady rhythm?

When you reach

your hands trembling

Not trusting even that 

which you can touch.

What visions cloud

your eyes still seeing

yet unbelieving that

it is reality?


Pressing hand to cheek

caressing the unseen 

sting of overwhelming 

emotion that binds souls.

Throat dry rasping after

swallowing a thousand knives

please may the agony stay

reminder of first glance.

Sweet and bitter

sharp yet beautiful

the holy grail of love

the knife and the sting.

“That was how you knew love. My mother had told me that.  All you  had to do was imagine your life without the other person, and if the thought alone makes you shiver, then you knew.” (pg 74) “I remember what my mother had told me about the first time she saw my father.  How when  he turned around to look at her, she felt like she’d been slapped.  How she tried to stop the way she felt about him; how she pretended she didn’t care until she made herself sick to her stomach.  Once she had seen him, it was as though she had swallowed a thousand knives.  She tried not to feel it, but every time she saw him , there was that knife.” (pg 95) inspired by Incantations by Alice Hoffman


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Single mom of 5 beautiful children, librarian and voracious reader, christian, city-girl-wanna-be, movie lover, people watcher & graduate student! If you are on my family blog and want to learn more about me please go to View all posts by Bree M.

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