Just in time for Christmas.  🙂

I am the replacement bulb
waiting for the christmas light to die…
I am last years NY Times Bestseller
sitting on the discount shelf …
I am the straight to DVD miniseries
hoping to be watched…
I am the impulse buy in the jewelry box
wanting to be worn…
I am the elevator music on the dentist’s phone
dulling your mind so you forget your question..
I am the Manolo Blahnik shoes on two day layaway
mindlessly sitting, hoping, wanting and waiting to be!


About Bree M.

Single mom of 5 beautiful children, librarian and voracious reader, christian, city-girl-wanna-be, movie lover, people watcher & graduate student! If you are on my family blog and want to learn more about me please go to View all posts by Bree M.

2 responses to “Layaway

  • BreeAnn

    This is an old poem at least a couple of years…, my aunt and I actually revamped it (which isn’t what is here) into a Christmas party invitation…we used bits of it for the white elephant gift information.

    It was just an idea I got about the mindless-ness of waiting, or the fear of being forgotten…whether it’s in love or sitting in the doctor’s office waiting to be seen (which for some reason always takes forever even if you are on time.)

    I also think the inaction of all those objects in the poem is important…none of those things is trying to change, they are just waiting around to be noticed. I think we do that sometimes instead of saying screw it…I’m going to DO! It spoke to a lot of things that were going on at the time…my ex telling me that he didn’t really want to try to change it was too difficult and I wasn’t worth it, was one thing that “inspired” this poem. The fact that I spent 16 years waiting around for something to happen…I think it says something about our own apathy or laziness or or fear or unwillingness to see the reality around us sometimes.

    I should write a part two with all those things just walking off on their own and doing something totally unexpected. 🙂 Hmmmm idea’s running amok!!!

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