I’m a single mother of 5:  4 boys and 1 girl. They are the definite focus of my life.  I enjoy being involved in my community and school, right now that means I spend a lot of time interning instead of volunteering (although I’m not really sure there is a difference between the two.)

I LOVE to read and do so voraciously.  I like a variety of books and am willing to read (or at least start to read) almost anything. When my muse strikes I will sometimes write poetry on a very amateur level.  I enjoy book binding and making things with my hands (like quilts) when I have time.  At this moment free time is a luxury that does not exist.  Just a note on my poetry, it seems that in general I write when I am either very troubled or very happy.  I will go long periods of time where I don’t write anything…it seems this is where I am now, I’m happy and busy and while I note ideas for poems it just doesn’t seem extremely urgent to get them out here on the site.  I think that is a good thing!  🙂  So while it may seem like I’m in a slump, I really think I am just busy living life.

I am currently attending Pratt Institute’s School of Library and Information Science & School of Art and Design. My aim is to finish school with a dual Master’s degree in Library Science and History of Art & Design, with certificates in Museum Libraries and Archives.  My dream is to become a bona fide librarian, hopefully in a special library that deals with art or rare books.  I’m lucky to be interning at The Frick Art Reference Library for the Summer 2012 which feeds both of those passions. 🙂

On the fluff side of things, I like to go spinning and swim to clear my mind.  I love all things pink, wish I had more fashion sense or money…not sure but I think that is a chicken and egg sort of thing, I adore shoes and love birds.

I’m also sort of a gamer girl geek in that I played WoW for 6 years and then moved on to SWTOR.  While not geek related it is last but not least: I LOVE chocolate!!


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