Some of my favorite places in the City

I’ve been able to hike around the city a bit lately.  Here are some of my favorite pics that I’ve taken recently.

Main branch of NYPL- entrance to the stairs going up to the second floor from the lobby.








Main Branch of NYPL- entrance window looking out on to 5th Ave.










Main branch of NYPL- stairs going from the 2nd to the 1st floor.









View of the Empire State Building from the High Line.  So gorgeous and iconic!









Statue of Liberty on a wonderfully gloomy day.  I love how it looks like such an old photograph.



Noise a constant thrum


Wheels on pavement

Engines churning river

Crying salvation


Blurring into

Startling silence

A private bubble

My thoughts alone

Take voice

Creating a cacophony

Refusing to quiet

Lingering past sleep

Halting dreams

Ending with sighs

Constant thrum

Soothing only

To wake once again

Calculated Strides

I put one foot in front of the other

is this a trudge

or the beginning of a journey?

Take the uneven slate sidewalk

past the victorians

Large lush yards beautiful colorful birds

Take me to or take me away

I am moving closer to the

steep pebbly road

Closer to the grey nondescript door

Smaller than the width of a child gate

down the stairs to my bell and door.

I’m home I’m home I’m home

….where are you?

Shhh…it’s the rules!

The rules say different
It is too much
play it close hide the cards
don’t let them see
how much
you need
Shhh you’ll scare them away
The rules they say
keep a lid on
the feelings you have
don’t let them see
how much
you need
Shhh you’ll scare them away
The rules who cares
it is overwhelming
all alone that
I feel you should know
you should see
how much
I need
Shhh you’ll scare them away
The rules in silent gaze
when my thoughts turn
almost constantly
They are quiet and still
at odd times I’ll wake reaching
how much
I need
Be brave my love
The rules are gagged
for love is always stronger
I wish you could see
hear feel swallow protect live
I would prove
how much
I need
Be brave my love
Destroy the rules for
Never should you doubt
time ticking as my soul
connected and bound
You would see
how much
I need
Be brave my love


Just in time for Christmas.  🙂

I am the replacement bulb
waiting for the christmas light to die…
I am last years NY Times Bestseller
sitting on the discount shelf …
I am the straight to DVD miniseries
hoping to be watched…
I am the impulse buy in the jewelry box
wanting to be worn…
I am the elevator music on the dentist’s phone
dulling your mind so you forget your question..
I am the Manolo Blahnik shoes on two day layaway
mindlessly sitting, hoping, wanting and waiting to be!

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