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She hovers and circles and rides the wind
It caresses her face and the azure sky fills her vision
She is searching…for pretties to line her nest?
For sustenance for her small ones?
For her mate? For the ones she can see flying in the distance?

Circling and circling ever higher
Straining to reach those distant wishes
She beats her wings and claws at the knots at her feet
She remembers
She remembers…He

He arrives when time says he should
He arrives and binds her
He arrives and slips the hood over her eyes
He arrives commanding her to hunt, to fly, to gather
He commands and the tether tightens and darkness quickens

Succumbing to the darkness the pretties begin to fade
The ones riding the distant currents glide futher away
The only thing she can hear is the small ones
She is surrounded…yet alone
Her tears feed the fledglings


All other words fail
In the gravity of situation
Lied to
Stupidity is only excuse
How to explain the gripping hold
Lied to
Believe, fall and stumble for
Fancy turns of phrase and fakery
Lied to
Finished with
Not worth the effort or time
Wasted on worthlessness

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