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Coney Island, ca. 1888

Coney Island, Brooklyn, ca. 1888.

Coney Island, Brooklyn, ca. 1888.

Breading G. Way (American, 1860-1940). Coney Island, Brooklyn, ca. 1888. Nitrate negative. Prints, Drawings and Photographs. Brooklyn Museum/Brooklyn Public Library, Brooklyn Collection, 1996.164.9-9. (1996.164.9-9_bw.jpg)


What a fantastic shot!! I’m so glad that I don’t have to wear a dress to go swimming.  No wonder ladies didn’t do much swimming.  You would drown in those things.  🙂

It reminds me of my favorite picture of my grandfather.  I like this picture so much because he was such a kind, strong and athletic man.  I like remembering him this way.  The two girls in the picture are my mother and her sister.  This was probably taken ca. 1953 in Michigan.




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