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City of Beauty

I am constantly amazed at the beauty that surrounds me in such a bustling and crazy city!  I just wanted to share a few quick snapshots…please forgive me if some of beauty I find comes from my kids.

This is an amazing fountain by city hall.  It was raining and I was on my way to my professor’s apartment for a meet and greet for class and I just walked through the park.  Not only is the fountain beautiful, but it has old gas lamps, which flickered and danced in the breeze.

Central Park south of the Met.  I tried to get all three of the birds bathing in a puddle near the drinking fountain, but I was too slow.  The boats are all remote controlled and there were probably ten of them in this pond.

The unadulterated joy of the swings!  This is one of the first playgrounds on the upper west side of the park near 93rd St.  I love the look on my son’s face as he is flying in the air!




The hippo river in central park, just west of the reservoir.  What a cool idea and just beautiful in it’s carefree and serene setting.  A very simple playground, it has no fancy swings or gizmos, just hippo’s swimming in a river.

This is on the west side of the reservoir looking at the east side.  The reservoir is surrounded by a running track and it’s so peaceful.  We found this tiny green bird hopping around the edges of the track in the foliage, but it was so tiny and so well camouflaged that without a good camera there was no way to get a good picture of it.  What I did get was too much like a level 99 Where’s Waldo picture that it would have taken anyone hours just to find it.

More and more I love where I live, it is the best place I can think of being, not only because it is beautiful, but because of the people I meet and see everyday.  We got hot dogs from a man right on the corner of 93rd and the street that borders the west side of central park, he was so sweet to my kids, listened patiently as they told him what they wanted and then handed them a drink…on the house.  Whoever says New Yorkers are mean hasn’t been in the city long enough to interact with the great people who live here.  Also a big thank you for the man who put his arm across the road in front of my daughter who’s ears weren’t working 🙂  and saved her from a car speeding around the corner.  I’m so grateful to be here and that I get to share the city with my kids…and now with you!



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