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Hurricane Irene

Thanks to the emergency prep of NYC the storm wasn’t as bad as it could be. Some areas of NYC got hit harder than others, but it seems most of that was inside of the Evacuation Zone A. Lots of flooding and downed trees. I wonder how long it will take to get all the subways and other public transportation all back to normal. Thanks to all the cops and other disaster workers who helped out with the flooding, downed trees, and rescuing families from flooded homes. (61 people here in S.I.)

Here where I live in Staten Island there was a lot of rain and some wind. There were lots of tiny branches down and tons of water coming down the street where I park my car, but other than a small leak in the apartment it was all good. Here is an article from the NY Times:


These pics were taken around 2:45 today.  The Hurricane is pretty much gone and this is what it left behind.  For my first hurricane this is easy to deal with.  🙂 This is the street where I park my car.  My car is now dubbed the “silver surfer” because it survived riding the “waves”  🙂





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