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Staff day at the Frick was quite possibly the coolest thing that I got to do all summer. I’m not kidding! Bowling on a per-mechanization bowling alley, attending art lectures on the restoration of the Diana sculpture (for starters), getting to check out the “new” vault (that is HUGE!!) and having the opportunity to take some fantastic pictures of the garden and koi pond. I hope you enjoy the slide show!

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Rain Down on Me

Gorgeous gloomy morning at The Frick.  This is view out the window near my desk in the FARL book department.  These windows overlook Central Park, since FARL is on the corner of 5th and 70th.  I thought it looked so ethereal.

A couple of hours later I was sitting with Cynthia at her desk reviewing how to update records in Millennium when BANG! thunder crashed directly overhead.  I’m sure lightening hit something and the thunder was so loud and powerful it shook the building…so much so that alarms went off not only in the building but on the street below from tripped car alarms.  It wasn’t supposed to rain today (20% chance), but by the time I had to leave and walk home it was raining cats and dogs.  White pants and ballet shoes are NOT ideal walking gear for this sort of weather.  At least I always carry my umbrella with me.  Although I’m lamenting the fact that I have neither the inclination nor the space to carry rubber rain boots with me where ever I go.  Squishy shoes are no picnic though.  But it is beautiful isn’t it?

Some of my favorite places in the City

I’ve been able to hike around the city a bit lately.  Here are some of my favorite pics that I’ve taken recently.

Main branch of NYPL- entrance to the stairs going up to the second floor from the lobby.








Main Branch of NYPL- entrance window looking out on to 5th Ave.










Main branch of NYPL- stairs going from the 2nd to the 1st floor.









View of the Empire State Building from the High Line.  So gorgeous and iconic!









Statue of Liberty on a wonderfully gloomy day.  I love how it looks like such an old photograph.

Coney Island, ca. 1888

Coney Island, Brooklyn, ca. 1888.

Coney Island, Brooklyn, ca. 1888.

Breading G. Way (American, 1860-1940). Coney Island, Brooklyn, ca. 1888. Nitrate negative. Prints, Drawings and Photographs. Brooklyn Museum/Brooklyn Public Library, Brooklyn Collection, 1996.164.9-9. (1996.164.9-9_bw.jpg)


What a fantastic shot!! I’m so glad that I don’t have to wear a dress to go swimming.  No wonder ladies didn’t do much swimming.  You would drown in those things.  🙂

It reminds me of my favorite picture of my grandfather.  I like this picture so much because he was such a kind, strong and athletic man.  I like remembering him this way.  The two girls in the picture are my mother and her sister.  This was probably taken ca. 1953 in Michigan.



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