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Spark Light

Tangled sweetly scented
Honey drips like dew
Tasting drops of love
Breathless always true

Gentle cadence of becoming
all and over in around
blurring to one surrounding one
home at long last found

Spark light!
love creating soul

Softly growing essence
Wisps of us all together
Forming perfection
Expression of love forever

Surprising movements
Inspiring deep affection
Awed to watch over all
Kindles deep abiding emotion

Spark light!
soul begetting soul

Small tiny bee kissed lips
Clean soft sweetly smells
Serene sighs expelling breath
Adoration tenderly swells

Nose to forehead lips to brow
Inhaling love gently pressed
Offering taking unconditionally
In brilliance eternally blessed

Spark light!
Souls transform love


Echoes Among the Stars

Banned to hang among the stars
upside down unrivaled beauty
sacrificed to the sea
all because of vanity
Cassiopeia and Andromeda
stories speak of adoration
no stars are named for me.

Beloved of no one
Yet souls bear my name
What echoes will travel
from future to past like lights
forever twinkling in dual mirrors
memories leave my mouth
into the atmosphere.

They return as distorted
remnants imperfect copies
but carrying all of what
is truly me to return to earth
spotlights of destiny
I am no goddess
but in them I am engraved.

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